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A blind patch in the history of mankind                                 

The author and architekt Martin Lutze investigated two theses, which the American author Immanuel Velikovsky published in his book „Worlds in Collision“,1950, whether they proved to be correct:


1. there have been pole-shifts of Earth in prehistorical times,


2. the Egyptian chronology would be wrong by 500 years.


The result was the proof of correctness of both theses judging by all known historical documents. Nevertheless there has been produced a lot of new material which will be published here. Completely new are findings on the unknown cosmic bombing of Earth by mythical Typhon, eliminating almost half of mankind.


1. What means a pole-shift of Earth? There was a rupture of the poles towards north or south causing an apocalypse. Earthquakes, floods and hurricanes of high velocity devastated the world. Each 40 years.

Pole-shifts of Earth were caused during 3000 years by planet Mars when passing through the shadow of Earth on an orbit running close to our planet and showing a silver sickle at the edge of its dark red globe at night: the sign of coming disaster.

It began by the Great Flood when a first meeting of Earth and Mars caused the first pole-shift of Earth (Babylon tablet: a flood storm) and when Earth by her gravity attracted the oceans of Mars. Thus a very long raining (Bible: 40 days of rain) was drowning countries on Earth where now were rising the waters of the North sea and the Baltic Sea. The University of St. Andrews in 2012 AD stated that about 6000 years ago there was land where to-day will be the North sea.


2. A „correction“ of the Egyptian chronology by half a thousand years seems to be unreasonable. But the result is astonishing. Ramses III and Taharka whom we would guess apart by 500 years, would become contemporaries thus Taharka being no pharaoh but high priest of Amun who was fighting the Assyrians, and who was loosing. Thebes was conquered by Assur in 664 BC while the reign of Ramses III. (Pap. Harris.)

The correction of the chronology of the Egyptian New Empire comprises exactly 500 years by which it becomes younger. The new dating is supported by the chronology of pole-shifts. Bible and Egypt now for the first time are based on a synchronised chronology.

As the chronologies of the entire Orient are based on the wrong Egyptian dates they all have to be corrected by 500 years.


When centuries are fusing into each other you will find an interesting compression of events and of historical, astronomical, geological, cultural and religious findings.


Velikovsky who suffered much from hostility now receives approval. Thanks to him.










There were two cosmic bodies at the sky when the Israelites were fleeing Egypt on their exodus and when the sea was rising like walls to let them go through the sea:



„The Angel of the Lord who was in front of the Israelite troops, rose and moved behind them; and the Cloud too went behind them . . .”


This movement of the two celestial bodies at the sky in reality was a pole-shift of the Earth, which caused the Red Sea to flood the isthmus of Suez towards the Mediterranean Sea, these masses of water rising up to about 100 meters high and standing like columns until the refugees had reached the opposite side.  


The Holy Book tells us of one of the greatest catastrophes which mankind ever had suffered when Mars and Typhon together caused a pole-shift and Typhon sent to Egypt a hurricane of black dust throwing the country into severe darkness for many days.

And when four months later Typhon crashed on Earth it was still a much greater catastrophe destroying not only the Egyptian Middle Empire but killing too half of mankind.


And nobody did understand this message.


The Bible is speaking clear text: The place where this sea-miracle happened was Pihachirot and Baalzephon. Baal-Zephon however is no place but the tradition of the names Baal = Mars, and Zephon = Typhon. Baal – the “Angel of the Lord” – will be mentioned by the Bible at many places when there was concern with Mars.


It was the year 1505 BC.


Pole-shifts of Earth caused by MARS





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