Mars and Typhon       A blind Patch in the History of mankind



A  DRAGON  OF  HEAVEN  AND  ITS MANY  NAMES                                      

In the year 1505 BC about spring equinox Mars and Typhon were moving as celestial bodies at the sky close to Earth and caused a severe catastrophe. By a pole-shift they were rising the waters of the sea in Egypt into great hight, standing like walls thus the fleeing Israelites could pass the flood. For the Egyptian army persecuting the refugees, the masses of falling waters became fatal so they submerged with horse and cart. Who doesn`t know this story of the exodus? Yet it is mysterious up to-day.


When Mose and Israel arrived at mount Sinai a quarter of a year later, Mose must have observed that obscure structure at the sky, they later called Typhon, coming closer, finally descending and crashing on Earth. As it seems they found shelter by the mountain caves and survived. Bible-examiners later have changed this event completely by theological intention and made it the visit of the Lord on Earth to found the religion of Moses.


It looks strange as nobody has recognized that the 2nd book Mosis contained the unique story of Typhon, this huge asteroid which by orbiting for several times was coming close to Earth, attracted by the meetings of Earth and Mars. Bible-interpreters only saw the ten plagues coming over Egypt combining them to Moses` constant questioning to pharaoh asking for release of his suppressed people, well known up to-day in the gospel-song “let my people go!”


The Egyptian plagues however were cosmic intrusions by Typhon. Dense red dust changed the waters of the Nile into blood, the waters becoming stinky and undrinkable. A hail of stones from heaven devastated the country. The 10th plague too was such a hail destroying the palace and killing the first son of pharaoh. A tornado of black ashes darkened the whole country for many days thus nobody could leave his place. Archaeologists found many dead in a black layer. Finally a combined pole-shift by Mars and Typhon took place and rose the waters of exodus.


The only date we know of Typhon is the year 1505 BC, the year of the pole-shift and of the impact of Typhon on Earth, which in Bible-chronology will be the year of exodus and in Egyptian chronology the destruction of the Middle Empire. The Egyptian chronology had to be corrected by 500 years to show these connections of a worldwide disaster of greatest extent.


The impact of Typhon – as a real longrange-flight over Europe – has been recorded by Ovid in every detail in his epic „Phaeton“, so you can recall this dramatic procedure. Phaeton, “son” of the Sungod is a double of Typhon, descending on Earth shining bright like the Sun, but it was like a dragon with countless fierce glowing heads and with the noise of supersonic thunders.





Typhon was owing an unextinguishable fame in the memory of all peoples of the past. As a dragon of heaven the nine-headed Greek Hydra is nobody else than Typhon. By Babylonian tradition its name is Tiamat. And in India this dragon also is present as well as in China. The name Typhon has been declined manifold in Python, Phaeton, Taifun, but too into devil, Düwel, Teufel. Of Baal-Zephon (Mars and Typhon) in Orient became Bel-Zewew and Belzebub. Another line of names reaches from Seth (Egypt) over Satan (Bible) to Saturn (Rome) and Surtur (Edda). In German there exists the saying: to expel Devil by Belzebub – not knowing that both are originating by Typhon.



In Egypt Typhon was the main god of the Hyksos, his Egyptian name being Seth. Of great interest is the domination of Egyptian literature by the struggle of the gods Horus and Seth. Seth was a well known and mighty fighter but of bad reputation. He would be regarded as the evil at all. We find his image in shape of a shacal, almost like the god Anubis, but with squared ears. And this image is very old, it will be found already in predynastic times. Thus we are asking whether Typhon was a star of a much longer tradition than the ten plagues of the Bible would indicate.



Another line of images of Typhon will be represented by the image of the bull, beginning with the Golden Calf of Aaron, brother of Moses, over a bull`s leg (Egypt) to the bull of Mithras and the famous bull-fightings of Spain. In the Mediterranean human tradition was the killing of the bull – a cultic imperative of permanent repetition as Typhon was a permanent danger, still after thousands of years.



Descending on Earth Typhon has lost tremendous masses of cosmic debris going down at a large scale over Africa and Europe, leaving a large palette of geological details, unknown up to-day, containing much iron, which has caused the start into Iron-Age.

 The Roman Seneca coined a sentence by his drama “Thyestes”: “has Typhoeus thrown off his mountains` mass?”, thus revealing his huge knowledge of Old. 

 This had been demonstrated by Romans who were working much iron and who were always searching for iron of Saturn (Typhon): “The Romans came to England searching for mettels.” (Dict. 1712). Finally they found this iron of Typhon in Scotland.

In Germany iron ore of Typhon are the Bohnerze of Suebian Alb, and Raseneisenerze of northern Germany. Further actions of Typhon have been found in Scottish archaeology. The Ocre-sands of Provence in France too seem to be originating by Typhon.

 In antiquity Typhon had the image of greatest terror; to-day there is existing merely a mystical shadow. Still in Roman times historians were dealing the question when the dragon of heaven, Typhon was appearing. They thought it were the times of Moses.

 The impact of the solid block of Typhon on Earth happened near the Bermuda Islands. The tremendous power of this impact I am combining with the tradition of Plato on the submerging of Atlantis if we would reduce the time of 9000 years by Plato to 900 years – which would be harmonizing much better with Platos` tradition on early Greece before his time. If we would add 900 years to 600 BC (king Solon of Athens) we would reach 1505 BC almost precisely.

What a huge mass the impact of Typhon still must have had which has sunk the subcontinent of Atlantis into the ocean! And we found indication that Typhon has caused a shift of the North Pole in direction towards Sibiria by its impact in 1505 BC too.


M. Lutze, Lorch 23.10.2012  / 

Pole-shifts of Earth caused by MARS