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IN  THE  SIGN OF THE SICKLE OF MARS                 15.10.2012



The appearance of planet Mars close to Earth for more than 3000 years threw mankind into severe existential needs. But men by learning have created a survival practice. Living with pole-shifts led to new cultural impulses. It was the beginning of the oriental and occidental cultures. 

It was the cultic veneration of Mars as a god for 3000 years by innumerable religions and temples. A god, appearing every 40 years close to Earth to cause chaos.


Mars orbiting close to Earth and crossing her shadow showed a small SICKLE OF MARS at the nightly sky. Historians of oriental culture erroneously but permanently interpreted the sickle as crescent of the Moon deriving cults of the Moon. Of course there have been cults of the Moon too, but they were clearly different from those of Mars.


A clear hint towards the sickle of Mars besides a sickle of the Moon can be viewed by

the HIMMELSSCHEIBE OF NEBRA, a Bronze-Age copperplate, showing Sun, Moon and stars and an additional hitherto unknown second sickle, which is larger than the crescent of the Moon and which by helpless archaeologists will be called a “sky-ship”. It is a crescent of Mars, the tips of which have been cut when it should be integrated into the copper plate at a later date.


Pole-shifts of Earth as caused by planet Mars in prehistory are unknown to science up to-date. This aspect will cause intensive research as planet Mars presently is focussing right in the centre of scientific interest.

Pole-shifts of the past cannot be proved by computers running backwards. Real evidence only can be achieved by archaeological and by very rare geological remains of pole-shifts, as shown by the “EMME”, a mountain of sand, gravel and erratic boulders in northern Germany, at the southern flank of Wesergebirge.

Just that way high floods on the Rhine river and volcanism of Eifel mountains at the same time of prehistory, recently have been proved by geological evidence.



is marked by a last and very severe pole-shift by Mars and Venus both causing a shift by 30°, and Mars then being expelled to its orbit of to-day far from Earth.

Mankind has been freed from a heavy burden.

The hitherto empty year 700 BC now becomes a year of one of the greatest catastrophes of mankind which fell into absolute oblivion while science detected traces of this catastrophe about the year 1200 BC. Those Sea Peoples of 1200 BC seemed to be responsible for every destruction in the Orient. In reality they were the gigantic army of the Assyrians under Senacherib which has been destroyed by a fire-tornado of the pole-shift in 700 BC. Ramses III did not overcome this army but he gathered their remains 20 years later.

The consequences of this last pole-shift are not yet fully surveyable to-day.  Regeneration of mankind began rapidly after 700 BC when Mars no more was devastating Earth.

The parts of the planets Mars and Venus with this last Pole-shift we find stated by the traditions of Homer, Ovid and of the Phoenicians. And by temple traditions of Babylon and Assur.



Floods of the Mediterranean Sea accelerated by this last pole-shift flooded all the countries north of the Mediterranean. It became a continental flood causing the end of Bronze-Age in all Europe. The cultures of Mycenae, Troy and the Hittite Empire have been destroyed. The Dorians entering Greece had no historical tradition of their country. Egyptian priests were reporting on the Greek past, and on Atlantis.



The Egyptian chronology has to be corrected by 500 years. The era of 1200 to 700 BC, the so-called Dark Ages, did not exist. The Egyptian chronology and subsequently all other chronologies of the Orient have to be corrected by 500 years. Thus the end of Bronze-Age was not in 1200 BC but in 700 BC. The Egyptian dynasties 21 to 25 had no pharaohs and have to be structured anew. The so-called Black Pharaohs of Nubia starting with Pianchi have been high priests of Amun, thus becoming the first men in Egypt after pharaoh. A Nubian invasion of Egypt did not take place.



New geological findings are prompting a revision of the Ice-Age-theory, as ice would never be able to push great boulders over a mountain. The existence of an Ice–Age in former times will not be denied, but the landscape of our country has been shaped by floods, not by ice. And the movement of countless erratic boulders not but in our country has been caused by centrifugal power of pole-shifts, not by ice.



The compression of historical, astronomical, archaeological, geological, cultural and religious findings now will be a challenge for scholars. It seems to be a great variety of new statements which are causing helplessness. It will be a question of time to get out of this depression. On the other hand there are no contradictions to our statements up to date.

Curiosity on Mars probably can state what here has been written on the planet.



At this place we should think on Immanuel Velikovsky, the great American scientist of prehistory who by his revolutionary books since 1950 gave names to and opened the way to our themes, first pole-shifts of Earth, second the correction of the Egyptian chronology by 500 years. Sorry it was not possible to him to bring to an end just these two important subjects. The solution of these two questions will be combined with his name Velikovsky at any time.   






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